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Would you like to Learn to sing?

I am a BA Hons graduate and singing teacher. I have been performing since 2004 and teaching since 2007.

I believe it's never too late to learn to sing, my pupils range from 6 years old to 60+. As well as teaching professional performers I teach complete beginners who want a creative outlet and a way to build their confidence.

My teaching style is all about making my pupils feel relaxed and comfortable because I think this is the best way to make progress. It's great to set goals; I find this is a positive way to improve. I teach all ages and abilities and I have an enhanced CRB check.

I offer:

-One to one lessons

-Structured and individually tailored lessons

-Most styles and genres

-All ages. Beginners welcome!

-Flexible lesson times to suit your schedule

-Lessons available in Brighton or Hove

-One hour introductory lesson for £20

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As each and every person is different, I work with the indivdual to achieve whatever goals they are looking to work towards. This can be anything from preparing for an audition to learning their favourite song. I like to start by taking everyone back to the basics of breathing and how to control the breath most effectively, this is something a lot of people overlook but I believe it's very important for laying a solid foundation for singing. We then work through various exercises to push areas such as range, intonation and stamina. I also incorporate relaxation and posture awareness into the lessons since these things are also important in realising a person's potential.

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 Singing lessons in Brighton, Hove, East Sussex